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It's been a while since I watched any Trek in depth, and several things strike me.

first. Those uniforms are SO RIDICULOUS. How did no one quit?

second. I hope they kill about 80 percent of the techno-babble in future seasons. I've forgotten how *much* it is of the dialogue and how ridiculous it all sounds. At one point, Kira says "We have subspace oscillation outside...what the *hell* does that mean?" I chose to believe that was Nana Visitor getting fed up and it was so funny that the producers kept it.

third. Sisko is made of SO MUCH WIN. You guys, its stunning to re-realize just how much WIN he's made of. Picard is THE MAN and all, but at this rate Sisko=my favorite Star Trek captain ever.


fourth. The first season contains some of my long dormant memories of watching this show as a seven year old. When I was scared, when I was embarassed about the innuedoey bits - and now, as an adult, I realize that I both missed a hell of a lot, but also got of the subtext for a seven year old.

fifth. If Julian Bashir was real, I would mock him endlessly. Seriously, I've seen 19 year olds with more maturity. What sort of bizarre coddling is going on at Starfleet Medical?

sixth. That being said, Julian/Jadzia: TRUELY MY FIRST OTP. It's so girly and obvious, but also I was a little kid. My mom has the proof: my little kid drawing of the two of them. Fanart! Now for seven year olds.

seven. So when the other seven year old girls were playing with Barbies and reading the Babysitter's Club, I was learning femininity from Kira Nerys and Jadzia Dax. THIS EXPLAINS SO SO MUCH.


"Why do you exist here?... it is not linear."

Emissary: Strangely enough, the pilot is a real high point, standing up really well in both the Trek canon and how Deep Space Nine is going to be different. If I saw this tv for the 2008-2009 pilot season, I would be pumped.

Past Prologue: Notable for the introduction of "plain and simple" Garak, the Cardassian tailor who lunches with Bashir. Garak makes my 21st century gaydar run a red light. Cue the beginning of many instances DS9's almost ground-breaking sexual/gender politics, except its still Trek, so no.

Also, the Bajoran version of Hamas shows up, and we learn more about the Bajoran resistance, in all forms.

A Man Alone: All about Odo! This is one of two episodes in the first season that concerns itself with how weird and how lonely Odo is, being the only of his kind around.

Dax: We learn more about Jadzia, Dax, and Jadzia Dax. Bonus points for use of snarky older lady from every sci-fi show ever as the Bajoran judge.

In The Passenger, and later in Dramatis Personae the aliens-take-over-our-heroes bodies trope is used, The Passenger is slow and just ends in some really bizarre acting choices by Siddig El Fadil ( I end up being able to pronounce it years after he changed it...I knew my Arabic classes were going to come in handy eventually.)

Dramatis Personae is a much better variation. They all mutiny under the influence of cra-zay alien mind archive. Odo has to save the day because his shapeshifter physiology won't allow the crazay mind aliens in. Avery Brooks gets to flex his Corolonius-acting muscles. There is some sketchy science where somehow people survive being exposed to vacuum.

If Wishes Were Horses: where we learn that Julian Bashir, is like every other 28 year old man-child: lead by his dick.

Oh, also Rumpelstiltskin shows up.

Duet: Smacks of someone in the writer's room realizing that the fallout from the Cardassian occupation on Bajor could make many many interesting episodes, and oh yeah, there's a rebuilding planet that's both emotionally and literally damaged down there. That's what we pitched the network I think this starting to nod towards what people talk about when they deem Deep Space Nine the best of the Trek series.

Connected with Duet in my mind because it is All About Bajor is In the Hands of the Prophets. Ladies and Gentleman - from the people who *will* bring you Battlestar Galactica:

Bareil: Some fear you as the symbol of a Federation they view as godless, some fear you as the emissary who walked with the Prophets, some fear you because Vedek Winn told them to ....(later) The Prophets teach us patience.
Sisko: It seems they also teach you politics.

I'm starting to believe that the best parts of Ds9 come later, the parts I never watched the first time around (because X-Files was so much cooler to adolescent me). As much as I have fond childhood memories of this show, the first season is just too random. But there's moments in the first season when you really feel like this is going to be different.

In conclusion:

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